Very good points here. Unfortunately, you’re not addressing the elephant in the room — i.e., the low pay and poor (or no) health care for retail workers, not to mention long hours. This is why for most people working at retail is a starter job — you stay for a while until something better comes along. Of course, that’s not always the case for high-end stores and other retail businesses. But even being “nice” and friendly and knowledgeable about your products and services doesn’t always cut it. I remember several independent office supply stores (retail) that went out of their way to be friendly and nice, but they couldn’t handle the threat of Staples and Office Depot. I know many gas stations that had friendly and nice people, but they were just in the wrong location and eventually went out of business. The underlining problem is that people are busy these days — they want fast service and convenience. Sure, some may still go to a retail location because they like the employees, but with the the pressure of work and everyday life, going online to Amazon or another service is just too easy and good to ignore.

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