Set the right priorities and stay focused on the people who matter most

Receiving inbound sales leads can be a blessing or a curse. How you manage your leads can make the difference between making sales or wasting time.

Inbound leads come in all shapes and sizes. Some appear because people have a problem that they hope you can solve for them. …

Determination creates strength

(Spoiler Alert — if you haven’t watched The Queen’s Gambit yet, please stop reading this post and return once you viewed the show. You will not regret it).


The Queen’s Gambit is a 7-episode fictional miniseries on Netflix. It is about orphan chess prodigy Beth…

Selling isn’t always about luck

(Special Note — If you have not yet watched Netflix’s Squid Game, I recommend that you stop reading this post. There will be spoilers.)

The most important lesson from watching Squid Game is not to get into debt.

That’s obvious.

But what can salespeople learn…

Sharpen your Shears & Clippers

Weeding out or eliminating unqualified sales leads can be difficult and frightening for most salespeople because it’s hard to let go and move on.

Salespeople, by nature, are optimistic. As a salesperson myself, I always want to stay positive and hope against hope that my…

Protect Yourself First

Continuing with open workspaces is a spacey idea. We should purge all open spaces at work until the COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

And with the Delta Variant wreaking havoc in the United States, especially in the South, does anyone in their right mind want to risk their lives and mental…

Be Fearless, but Not Careless

Despite the surge of COVID-19 cases due to the Delta Variant and breakthrough infections, more organizations this year are sponsoring either in-person or hybrid conferences and trade shows.

According to a July 2021 survey by the Northstar Meetings Group, more planners (30 percent) are booking new events than rescheduling events…

Don’t be scared

Contrary to popular belief, ghosts don’t appear just on Halloween.

If you work in sales, you know from experience that ghosts appear all year long. I’m referring to clients who don’t return your phone calls or respond to your emails.

Scary? You bet.

And it’s even more frightening because you…

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