Set the right priorities and stay focused on the people who matter most

Managing too many sales leads can be stressful and frustrating. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Receiving inbound sales leads can be a blessing or a curse. How you manage your leads can make the difference between making sales or wasting time.

Inbound leads come in all shapes and sizes. Some appear because people have a problem that they hope you can solve for them. Others appear because people are curious.

Your job? Determine if the lead is genuine so that you can get an order.

Here are tips to help you.

How Did the Lead Come to You?

The best inbound lead is a referral.

Why? Because there’s a good chance that a referral will make a purchasing decision. Professionals don’t often…

Focus on building trust

Trust needs to be established so that both salespeople & clients can be successful. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Many people have a problem with salespeople. And who can blame them?

Haven’t we all been pressured or cajoled into buying something that we didn’t want or need. And when you attempt to seek a refund, you are treated like a loser or a complainer, which only hardens your animosity towards salespeople.

Others see salespeople as sleazy caricatures based on TV shows, movies, and plays. For example, who can ever forget how Ricky Roma (played by Al Pacino) plays on the insecurities of James Lingk (played by Jonathan Pryce) when he sells him real estate in the movie Glengarry Glen…

Determination creates strength

The Queen’s Gambit offers lessons that salespeople can adopt. Credit:

(Spoiler Alert — if you haven’t watched The Queen’s Gambit yet, please stop reading this post and return once you viewed the show. You will not regret it).


The Queen’s Gambit is a 7-episode fictional miniseries on Netflix. It is about orphan chess prodigy Beth Harmon (played by Isla Johnston, then by Anya Taylor-Joy). The story follows her pursuit to become the world’s greatest chess player. But Beth’s quest is hampered with drug and alcohol addiction, along with emotional struggles. …

Hi Zulie, good advice, but I believe you can make a decent living with copywriting, but it does take time and experience. With "NFT" - wish you would have explained what NFT means - I had to Google it to find out the meaning.

There are many tools to help you

Man shouting into a tin can attached to a string.
Man shouting into a tin can attached to a string.
There are numerous ways for salespeople to reach prospects if you use your imagination. Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Even before COVID-19, it wasn’t easy to reach decision-makers. But with the pandemic, many business people are working remotely. That makes it more challenging than ever for salespeople to get people who make the buying decisions.

While more people are receiving vaccines and expectation levels are high for reopening more businesses, COVID-19 will have long-term impacts on how salespeople reach prospects.

For example, many business clients may continue to be cautious about traveling, staying at hotels, and attending in-person conferences and trade shows. …

Even Crooks can Teach us Valuable Lessons

Marla Grayson is a Crook who has no shame when it comes to financial gain. Credit: Photograph: Seacia Pavao/Netflix

(Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched Netflix’s “I Care A Lot,” I recommend that you stop reading this post and return later. There will be spoilers).


“I Care a Lot” is a dark comedy about Marla Grayson (played by Rosamund Pike), a con artist who robs the elderly of their life savings. Working as a court-appointed legal guardian, she forces people into nursing homes with court orders and intimidation tactics. Marla then gains a profit by selling her unsuspecting victims’ homes and auditioning their valuables and assets. …

Set the right expectations

Making your New Salesperson feel welcomed is the first step to a successful Onboarding process. Photo by Mabel Amber from Pexels

Being a new employee is challenging enough.

But being a new salesperson who’s expected to achieve quotas during the COVID-19 pandemic and a recession is even more difficult.

And with companies spending about $15,000 in hiring costs per salesperson, how can you ensure that your new employee will be successful. Assuming that you did everything right with your hiring process, now is the time to take your new salesperson to the next level — the Onboarding process.

Salespeople are an investment. With an estimated 27% annual turnover of salespeople, you don’t want to see your investment fail.

Here are two…

Emily is smarter than you think

Emily may be funny, but she’s nobody's fool. Image courtesy of Netflix via The New Yorker.

(Spoiler Alert — This post will include spoilers about Emily in Paris, Season 1, a breezy and romantic comedy. If you haven’t watched the show yet on Netflix, I encourage you to stop reading until you have a chance to watch all of the episodes. The entire first season is only 5 hours long so that you can binge-watch it in one day).


Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, is a social media expert and a rising associate at a Chicago based pharmaceutical marketing firm, the Gilbert Group. The Group acquires Savoir…

Have a plan in place

A group of workers sit at a conference table looking over documents.
A group of workers sit at a conference table looking over documents.
Effective Sales Meetings require preparation and agendas. Photo by fauxels from Pexels

With most salespeople working these days remotely, having sales meetings are more important than ever.

But how can you have productive meetings without wasting everyone’s time?

Here are four suggestions to help you

First, have a clear agenda — This may sound like a no-brainer, but I’ve attended many meetings in my career when there was no agenda. Instead, the sales manager would ask for questions, and the discussions would turn into a free for all complaints and comments. Sometimes personal and emotional topics would surface that usually would have been better handled off-line or one-on-one.

By having an…

It’s time to remove all of your sticky notes & develop a serious plan for 2021. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Take a fresh look at your sales pipeline.

It’s time to say good riddance to 2020. But will 2021 be any better? Yes, the COVID-19 vaccines are here. But it could take several months before most people are vaccinated. And it could take even longer for the economy to recover.

How can salespeople generate a good income this year while battling the dual crisis of a rampant pandemic and a weak economy?

Here are 4 suggestions to help you out.

It’s customary to review your sales pipeline once a month or quarter. However, at the beginning of a new year…

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